Couple Day in L.A. by Ty Bru – Review

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Ty Bru’s latest single, “Couple Day in L.A.,” effortlessly encapsulates the sun-drenched aura of California while delivering a vibrant fusion of pop sensibilities and hip-hop-infused energy. In this track, Ty Bru takes us on his creative journey during a visit to Los Angeles, where he attended the screening of his short film, “A Night in Charlotte with Sweeney Ty,” at the fiercely competitive Golden State Film Festival. With its infectious melodies, polished production, and personal storytelling, the song emerges as a refreshing addition to the contemporary hip-hop landscape, firmly solidifying Ty Bru as a versatile and evocative artist and offering a tantalizing glimpse into his forthcoming album, “The Hollywood Diaries.”

The Music

Right from the start, “Couple Day in L.A.” grabs your attention with a catchy piano melody and a retro drum beat that perfectly mirrors the vibrant energy of the city. Ty Bru effortlessly blends pop hooks with hip-hop influences, drawing parallels to boundary-pushing acts like Brockhampton. The result is an invigorating sonic experience that brims with innovation and authenticity, showcasing Ty Bru’s artistic exploration in full swing.

The Lyrics

Lyrically, the song delves deep into Ty Bru’s personal experiences during his time in LA. From his check-in at the iconic Loews Hotel in Hollywood to his indulgence in some mouthwatering oriental cuisine (and at a steal of a price), every detail serves as a vivid stroke on Ty Bru’s musical canvas. His impromptu freestyling on the train and encounters with street vendors from whom he procured beats infuse the track with a raw and genuine quality reminiscent of the introspective storytelling of Kendrick Lamar’s early work.

“Couple Day in L.A.” seamlessly marries Ty Bru’s impeccable songcraft with his distinct vocal presence. His delivery exudes a captivating blend of confidence and vulnerability, effortlessly riding the ebbs and flows of the production. The infectious melodies and memorable hooks not only highlight Ty Bru’s keen ear for crafting catchy hip-hop beats but also reveal his innate ability to infuse his music with profound emotional depth.


In conclusion, “Couple Day in L.A.” stands as a captivating hip-hop gem that showcases Ty Bru’s prowess in transcending genres and forging a unique artistic identity within today’s hip-hop landscape. The song’s rich tapestry of influences, coupled with Ty Bru’s personal experiences, authentically captures the essence of his L.A. visit and the transformative power of artistic exploration. With this latest release, Ty Bru firmly establishes himself as an artist unafraid to push boundaries, leaving listeners eagerly anticipating his future musical endeavors and eagerly awaiting the unveiling of his upcoming album, “The Hollywood Diaries.”

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