Deckard Croix – A Tenderness of Wolves [Review]

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Deckard Croix’s latest offering, “A Tenderness of Wolves,” is an entrancing dive into the psychedelic rock realm that sends shivers down your spine with its nostalgic allure, akin to the mesmerizing works of Lee Hazlewood, Jonathan Richman, and Marc Ribot. The track casts a hypnotic spell, weaving twangy lead guitars drenched in reverb, conjuring a spacious auditory oasis.

Croix’s lyrical craftsmanship is a riddle wrapped in an enigma, leaving us pondering the depths of existence. “You’re just the shadow of my irrepressive sign” paints a cryptic picture of a relationship steeped in complex emotions and elusive meanings. As if on a sonic trip, “Bungee jumping into the bardo, marvel woven up with esparto” interlaces themes of risk, spirituality, and artistic fervor, creating a sonic tapestry that both perplexes and beguiles.

The lyrical canvas oscillates between fragility and melancholy, as exemplified by “You’re tending flowers who are just about to die,” and later, “When the sun falls undertone, wide-world frantic for reform,” mirroring life’s transient essence and humanity’s collective hunger for change. The notion that “Living now is only breathing, a silver thread of my own conceiving” introduces a philosophical undertone, distilling existence into a primal act while grappling with individual perception.

Within the verses, glimpses of temporal fluidity arise, like “Recalling those past lives, no delayed night flights,” and “Stranger and then kindness,” a lyrical introspection mirrored by the song’s dreamlike arrangement. Croix masterfully constructs an auditory expedition, enveloping listeners in a dreamscape where existential musings intertwine with immersive melodies.

With “A Tenderness of Wolves,” Deckard Croix has concocted a kaleidoscopic plunge into the heart of psychedelia, melding sonic intricacies with poetically thought-provoking verses. The track combines nostalgic, psychedelic rock with modern-day production, etching its place in the ever-evolving landscape of indie, experimental rock. Prepare to lose yourself in its labyrinthine embrace—a serenade for the introspective dreamer in us all.

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