Buho by Oleada [Review]

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From Oleada’s album “Los Animales” released on August 25, 2023, “Buho” shows off the band’s innovative approach to Latin Jazz. Drawing inspiration from iconic acts like Los Miros, Los Destellos, and Juaneco y su Combo, Oleada crafts a musical journey that seamlessly blends elements from an array of genres, including psychedelic cumbia, dub reggae, salsa, and gypsy jazz.

“Buho” invites listeners into its captivating embrace with a rhythm that is undeniably grounded in Latin American traditions, instantly evoking memories of legendary ensembles. Yet, as the track unfolds, Oleada’s inventive spirit takes center stage, skillfully weaving in influences from diverse genres, creating a harmonious mosaic that defies categorization.

“Buho” surprises and captivates at every turn, which is what makes it so brilliant. When the listener begins to settle into the familiar groove, the song seamlessly transitions to infuse it with a contemporary and electrifying twist. It demonstrates Oleada’s commitment to breaking down the boundaries of Latin Jazz while paying tribute to its roots.

The extensive auditory explorations expressed on “Los Animales” showcase Oleada’s talent. With 19 tracks spanning cumbia, dub reggae, salsa, and gypsy jazz, this album becomes an expansive canvas for musical creativity. Each track offers a unique perspective through which the listener can glimpse the band’s versatility and the rich array of influences that shape their sound.

“Los Animales” is an auditory adventure that beckons audiences to join Oleada on an expedition through the uncharted territories of Latin Jazz. “Buho” serves as a symbolic piece of this odyssey, showcasing the band’s exceptional ability to honor their influences while carving a path that is distinctly their own. As the boundaries between genres blur, Oleada invites listeners to enjoy a new wave of Latin music, where innovation and tradition merge to create something genuinely exceptional.

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