Tequila Nights: LIVE @ Wake the Dead by Uncle Brent & the NoStone – Review

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Alright, let’s dive into Uncle Brent and the NoStone’s Tequila Nights—a live acoustic performance that’ll have you tappin’ your toes and craving a shot of the good stuff. Recorded at Wake the Dead Coffee in San Marcos, TX, this Americana rock jam takes cues from legends like Tom Petty, The Refreshments, Jason Isbell, Sam Kinison, and Jimmy Buffet.

Uncle Brent, the Texan mastermind behind the band, has a knack for creating tunes that hit you right in the feels. Tequila Nights is no exception, delving into the aftermath of a tequila-fueled escapade where memories are about as clear as a shot glass at closing time.

Tequila Nights: The Lyrics

The lyrics transport you to the scene of the wild night, where tequila is the mischievous puppet master pulling the strings of chaos. Keys gone MIA, a surprise garden gnome appearance in the yard, and hey, who needs pants when you can rock a dress? The shenanigans unfold like a whirlwind, leaving the poor protagonist waking up with a hangover that’d make a sailor blush, and a mystery girl’s digits inked onto their hand.

Tequila Nights: The Music

But let’s not forget the stripped-down charm of the acoustic setting. It adds an intimate touch to the performance, letting the raw emotions seep through the strings and vocals. Uncle Brent’s soulful delivery, accompanied by NoStone’s impeccable musicianship, creates an atmosphere that draws you into the protagonist’s tequila-fueled rollercoaster.

Tequila Nights is a catchy earworm that’ll have you humming its infectious melodies long after the song ends. But it’s more than just a toe-tapper—it’s a testament to Uncle Brent and the NoStone’s songwriting prowess. Their ability to craft narratives that strike a chord and resonate with audiences is what sets them apart.


So, if you’re up for a rollicking good time, pour yourself a shot, kick back, and let Uncle Brent and the NoStone take you on a wild ride through the hazy memories of Tequila Nights. It’s an authentic, heartfelt experience that’ll leave you grinning, shaking your head, and reaching for the repeat button. Cheers to that!

Where to listen to Tequila Nights by Uncle Brent and the NoStone

The single doesn’t drop on streaming services until June 30, but you can listen on Youtube via the link below. Visit UncleBrentMusic.com to stay up-to-date!

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Stream “Tequila Nights” on Youtube below:

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